Beaches and Beer

Recommended for : Food & Drink Party
Your destination: the Silver Cloud Inn. It's on the corner of Broadway and Madison (as close to the center of Seattle's queer party scene as one can manage to stay).
Stroll down Broadway and take a right up Pine. The bars aren't open yet, but Odd Fellows Restaurant is the next best thing. Fuel up with a mimosa and some of the best breakfast on the hill, while enjoying glasses-clad glances from kindred spirits who also live in the fast lane.
Checkout Toys in Babeland for a locally-owned, sex positive boutique experience before hopping the bus to Lake Washington's Denny Blaine Park (for those who identify in the lesbian, queer, or trans* communities), or to Madison Beach if you're a gay man. 
Spread out a towel, get as naked as you see fit, and get comfortable. 
Ready for a change of scenery? Get to know the other gays who party hard by heading back to the Hill and stopping for a burger and a cheap drink at Linda's Tavern. Make sure not to get suckered into sitting inside - the patio is the place to be. 
Party time. Can't start too early, right? There are a lot of stops to hit. Start off slow with Madison Pub or The Wild Rose. 
Graduate slowly by hitting up Pony, followed by a quick stop at Purr.
If you feel like dancing (which of course you do), Kremwerk, Chop Suey, R Place, The Cockpit, or Re-Bar are your best bets. But why choose? Often there are queer parties at multiple locations on the same night - and the evening is very young.