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Out on the Water

Recommended for : Outdoor & Adventure
Check in at Hotel Max and pop on your walking shoes - if they're not on already. 
Bop over to Pike Place Market, where you can buy some fresh produce and ingredients for a sack lunch. Lean over the railing at Victor Steinbrueck Park and soak in views of the Olympic Mountains and Bainbridge Island. 
Head Southwest to the waterfront and catch a water taxi for a 15-minute cruise across Elliot Bay to West Seattle - one of Seattle's queerest neighborhoods. 
Once successfully moored, take a stroll along the boardwalk until you reach Alki Kayak Tours. Sign up for the soonest tour, grab a kayak, and get to know some of the seals and other Puget Sound wildlife as you paddle to Lincoln Park Beach.
Wander across the beach, shimmy up a dirt path, and make your way to Lincoln Park's old growth forests and fields. Now's the perfect time to find a sunny spot and break out that picnic lunch you packed.
After returning your kayak, slip off your shoes, continue west down the boardwalk to the very end and take in one of the PNW's famous sunsets.
Treat yourself to a margarita and some fish tacos at El Chupacabra, or, for a locally sourced dining experience, indulge in a glass of wine and some authentic Italian at La Rustica.
After dinner, hop the bus or a scenic water taxi ride back to your hotel.