Discovery Park Beach

Discovery Park Beach

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  • Public beach
  • Full infrastructure
  • Water fun
  • Walking
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Park
  • Natural Attraction
  • Hiking
  • Cultural & Historical

With nearly 12 miles of walking trails, a lighthouse that looms over the Puget Sound, and some of the best bird watching in Seattle; Discovery Park is a great destination for the outdoor enthusiast who doesn't want to leave the city limits. Discovery Park Beach is a beautifully scenic space. The beach is filled with drift wood which encourages both children and adults to make forts and other structures. After hiking through the forested trails of Discovery Park, the beach is a wonderful final destination to lay out and enjoy the views of the peninsula. Also, one should not miss out on visiting Day Break Star Visitor Center, a cultural heritage space run by the United Indians of All Tribes. If you are coming to visit Seattle, then you should make sure to understand the deep history of Native People's in the Pacific Northwest.

Discovery Park, Discovery Park Boulevard, Seattle, WA, United States

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