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Cruising the Potomac

Stay at The Graham Hotel Georgetown, where the restaurant is organic and the rooftop deck's broad views of the city will give you the lay of the land.
Strike out west on M Street for a twenty minute walk across the bridge to Foggy Bottom's Blue Duck Tavern where you'll enjoy a farm-to-table brunch of classic American country dishes. The service is excellent, so be sure to ask your servers about where they source their produce and artisanal cheeses.
After brunch, walk south down to the water where you can rent kayaks at $12 an hour at the Thompson Boat Center. Cruise up the Potomac River to Theodore Roosevelt Island, beach your kayaks, and take a stroll around the marshes for some bird-watching.
Return to the city for early dinner and drinks at Baby Wale in Mt. Vernon Square, with a huge space, tons of natural light, and a large tree suspended in the dining room. 
After dinner head back to Georgetown to catch the sunset on the water at Georgetown Waterfront Park, and enjoy views of Key Bridge and the Kennedy Center.
Walk home along the C&O Canal Towpath and enjoy the views of this historic waterway. Get to bed early so you have plenty of energy for tomorrow's hikes.