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Bern - Business & Convention

This 4-star hotel comes with views of the historic old town and Bernese Alps, a casino, three restaurants, a bar and 171 modern rooms and suites. Breakfast...
  • LGBTQ-friendly

Bern - Budget hotel

Five minutes from the central train station, the National is housed in a building dating to 1908, with its original elevator and well-appointed, no-frills rooms...
  • LGBTQ-friendly

Bern - Boutique hotel

Hotel Belle Époque is decorated in the creams, olives, sages, mustards and peaches of art nouveau and home to a museum-worthy collection of art. Steps from the...
  • LGBTQ-friendly
Bern travel guide

Bern Gay Travel Guide

German-speaking Bern on the western side of the country is an exquisitely preserved historic old town that has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. Its heraldic symbol is the bear. Should...

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