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WE Party created WeParty Presents: Sandia, Barcelona

Added 5 years ago

Aug 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Barcelona Circuit Festival & WeParty Presents: SandiaDJs: BINOMIO, MICKY FRIEDMANN, FLAVIO ZARZAAuditori Petit - Parc del Fòrum

WE Party created WE Toilet, Madrid

Added 6 years ago

Apr 29 to 30, 2017

*** WE Super Size Toilet > 29.4.17 > MADRID ***

Did you think that the real party happens on the dancefloor? well, think...

WE Party created Macho Party, Madrid

Added 6 years ago

Apr 30, 2017

La fiesta más Fetish de Madrid, MACHO PARTY, presenta su proxima fecha, Domingo 30 Abril, con el Dj superestrella CHRIS BEKKER y Dj Jose...

WE Party Kristonfest 2017 en Madrid, Madrid

Added 6 years ago

May 6 to Apr 7, 2017

La sexta edición del KRISTONFEST se celebrará el próximo Sábado 6 de Mayo 2017 en la Sala Riviera de Madrid, donde disfrutaremos de los...

WE Party created MADRID 2017 - WE WORLDPRIDE FESTIVAL, Madrid

Added 6 years ago

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Jun 24 to Jul 2, 2017

In 2017, Madrid becomes the gay capital of the world, chosen to host the celebrations of WorldPride, together with EuroPride, for the...

WE Party created We Party New Year Festival, Madrid

Added 6 years ago

December 2017*

Recognized as one of the most popular Gay new year's celebrations, We Party New Year Festival includes seven packed days and seven huge...

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