You are on a budget and price matters, but that doesn't mean missing out on the city's full offer. Sure the 5-star oceanfront palace sounds nice, but why not find that bargain on a perfectly comfortable guesthouse by the beach or get to know fellow travelers at the local hostel? You'll be out exploring the local cafés, flea markets, free museums and happy hours anyway.

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Sebastopol, United States
5 reviews
1 month ago

/ Sitges

In what gay world does a gay hotel not allow a guest to have a visitor to his room --- at any time. It was like a convent. Decent breakfast though and centrally located.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
1 review
1 month ago

/ Buenos Aires

The best place in Buenos Aires.
Margaret Steinbrunn

Eugene, United States
3 reviews
2 months ago


As must experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.....
Gayle Saxe

1 review
2 months ago

/ Cape Town

Gay friendly, spotless clean and great hosts
Benedict Fortuin

Knysna, South Africa
1 review
2 months ago

/ Knysna

Excellent service and very attentive staff.

New York, United States
9 reviews
8 months ago

/ Rio de Janeiro

Small town with not much to do, the beaches get very crowded on weekends. I heard that Arraial do Cabo is much better if you want a nicer beach and quieter time. The place probably has more Argentinians than Brazilians there which makes it confusing. I wouldn't go back
John Graykoski

Phoenix, United States
2 reviews
1 year ago

/ Phoenix

Great little oasis. Salt water pool and hot tub in manicured central courtyard. Doug is very hospitable and runs a relaxing and comfortable resort. Convenient, accessible location. Clean and well appointed.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1 review
1 year ago

/ Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first member of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, Eaton HK has a lot going on beyond accommodations. Inclusive and progressive, Eaton dedicates spaces to contemporary artwork, film screenings, performances, and local indie concerts. It even has an "activist in residence" program at ...
Shawn Geldenhuys

Johannesburg, South Africa
10 reviews
1 year ago

/ Rio de Janeiro

What an awesome experience.
Shawn Geldenhuys

Johannesburg, South Africa
10 reviews
1 year ago

/ Rio de Janeiro

Stayed on the beach front. Such a nice place so clean and people are friendly and lots of nice small restaurants and shops.

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