You are on a budget and price matters, but that doesn't mean missing out on the city's full offer. Sure the 5-star oceanfront palace sounds nice, but why not find that bargain on a perfectly comfortable guesthouse by the beach or get to know fellow travelers at the local hostel? You'll be out exploring the local cafés, flea markets, free museums and happy hours anyway.

Latest community reviews

Tavi Gonzalez

3 reviews
2 months ago

/ Provincetown

We had a two-room suite with deck. It was the best room in the place. And we enjoyed the weekend a lot.
Tavi Gonzalez

3 reviews
2 months ago

/ Provincetown

Very basic but can't beat the location!
Stacy Bass-Walden

Seattle, United States
1 review
2 months ago

/ Seattle

Great beach in west seattle. Several eateries. Delicious spud fish and chips.
Enock Pio Ulle

Recife, Brazil
10 reviews
4 months ago

/ Bogota

Nice place to stroll around whenever the weather permits. Museo Botero is right in the middle and the historic sites are all over the place, including the wonderful Plaza Bolivar.
Only Once Today

1 review
5 months ago

/ Salento

Great hostel! It's lesbian owned and we recommend it a lot!
Manuel Pena

1 review
5 months ago

/ Guadalajara

I planned to go there, so I called before going there, they told me they close at 10 pm. So I called an uber as I live a bit far from there. But what was my surprise that when I got there the place was being cleaned up. "We close at 9," they said; we told them about the call and what they told us and the ...
Luiz Vieira

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2 reviews
8 months ago

Panama City, Panama
2 reviews
8 months ago

/ El Valle

sorry I own the place, so I can't really give us 5 stars, I just saw where it said enter your place below, thought I could say something about the place. and to let everyone know that we are very open to the community and have many stay with us every weekend. we respect all humans. check us out on ...
Javier Nuñez

Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 reviews
8 months ago

/ Bangkok

Very good place!!
Lilla Uggla

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
2 reviews
1 useful review
9 months ago

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    Enock Pio Ulle
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    Gustavo Ariel Casazza

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