Business travel doesn't have to be all work and no play.  There's plenty of ways to fit in some top attractions and get the flavor of the city between meetings. And, if you do just enough reading up ahead of time, your colleagues will appreciate your local savvy when it's time to stop in that great place for lunch or settle into an unbeatable happy hour.

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Würzburg, Germany
1 review
1 month ago

/ Sydney

Nice Restaurant
Only Once Today

1 review
1 month ago

/ Salento

Great hostel! It's lesbian owned and we recommend it a lot!

Panama City, Panama
2 reviews
4 months ago

/ El Valle

sorry I own the place, so I can't really give us 5 stars, I just saw where it said enter your place below, thought I could say something about the place. and to let everyone know that we are very open to the community and have many stay with us every weekend. we respect all humans. check us out on ...
Javier Nuñez

Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 reviews
4 months ago

/ Bangkok

Very good place!!

Rennes, France
4 reviews
5 months ago

/ Santa Catalina

Looking for a paradise place in front of the Pacific Ocean? This is the place to go: small homemade coktail in a hammock under the palm trees, warm sand and play in the waves at 25/30°C. I even had the chance to see baby turtles joining the sea;) At night, the sky full of stars is so magical
Yves Lapointe

Saint-Georges, Canada
2 reviews
5 months ago

/ Fort Lauderdale

Nice but only old people during my trip

1 review
5 months ago

/ Johannesburg

It's one of the best theme parks I've ever been to. The best really. I would visit this place every month if I could.
Joseph Byrom

Wigan, United Kingdom
13 reviews
6 months ago

/ Brighton

the staff were most helpful and friendly. The disco was great the food excellent entertainment fantastic I can go on and on .will be going back and also will recommend to all my friends.. Thank you Legends for making my visit to Brighton unforgettable

6 months ago

/ Palm Springs

Very nice resort although it does not have a social hour like some of the others. Nice owners and also clothing optional.

Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico
1 review
1 useful review
6 months ago

/ Acapulco

This small but very fine lodging is located directly on an extended and lonely beach near Acapulco. Decorated with artwork, it feels exclusive. A Spanish colonial style house surrounded by a tropical garden and has a small pool. There are 7 rooms with private bathroom, warm water , air condition and ...

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    Jordi de Ancos Bardaji
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    Ellen Kiewiet

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