Business travel doesn't have to be all work and no play.  There's plenty of ways to fit in some top attractions and get the flavor of the city between meetings. And, if you do just enough reading up ahead of time, your colleagues will appreciate your local savvy when it's time to stop in that great place for lunch or settle into an unbeatable happy hour.

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Grant Williams

1 review
6 months ago

/ Portland

Gay owned boutique hostel with amazing staff.
Ken Haycock

Vancouver, Canada
1 review
8 months ago

/ Puerto Vallarta

Friendly BnB in great location. Exceptional facility and staff with amazing breakfasts included.

New York, United States
6 reviews
9 months ago

/ Miami

I just can't see how Trump hotel can be LGBTQ friendly, that just doesn't make any sense.
Tavi Gonzalez

3 reviews
1 useful review
1 year ago

/ Provincetown

We had a two-room suite with deck. It was the best room in the place. And we enjoyed the weekend a lot.
Tavi Gonzalez

3 reviews
1 useful review
1 year ago

/ Provincetown

Very basic but can't beat the location!
James Hung

Taipei, Taiwan
1 review
1 year ago

/ Taipei City

The Fist Gay Hotel in Taiwan.

Würzburg, Germany
1 review
1 year ago

/ Sydney

Nice Restaurant
Only Once Today

1 review
1 year ago

/ Salento

Great hostel! It's lesbian owned and we recommend it a lot!

Panama City, Panama
2 reviews
1 year ago

/ El Valle

sorry I own the place, so I can't really give us 5 stars, I just saw where it said enter your place below, thought I could say something about the place. and to let everyone know that we are very open to the community and have many stay with us every weekend. we respect all humans. check us out on ...
Javier Nuñez

Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 reviews
1 year ago

/ Bangkok

Very good place!!

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    Ellen Kiewiet

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