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The city awaits, but there's no real agenda. For you, the best way to discover a place is to wander and see where the day takes you and who you might meet along the way. You stroll the avenues, sit on park benches, people watch in plazas, idle in cafés, soaking up what's around you and getting a real feel for the city landscape.

Latest community reviews

Nancy Law

Brooktondale, United States
1 review
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1 year ago

/ Ithaca

Round Top Retreat is a lesbian-owned, off-grid nature retreat surrounded by the Robinson Hollow State Forest. It has a log cabin with great natural light, a woodstove (so warm in winter), water pump, loft, porch, propane grill, outhouse, campfire area, pond. It's only 15 miles to Ithaca, a great LGBT ...

Glasgow, United Kingdom
1 review
2 years ago

/ Ibiza

Food poisoning! Gorgeous views, seemingly poor food hygiene. Would avoid.

Erie, United States
1 review
2 years ago

/ New York City

Love people watch with my morning coffee!

Sebastopol, United States
5 reviews
1 useful review
3 years ago

/ Sitges

In what gay world does a gay hotel not allow a guest to have a visitor to his room --- at any time. It was like a convent. Decent breakfast though and centrally located.
Margaret Steinbrunn

Eugene, United States
3 reviews
3 years ago

/ San Diego

Growing up in San Diego Balboa Park is a go too for any visitor. It has it all, Culture, The Zoo, great food, lots to discover. Plan well or go on an adventure for 2 or 3 days. There is something for everyone. It is very LGBQ Friendly....

Boston, United States
20 reviews
3 years ago

/ Provincetown

This is my favorite wine shop in town. They also have some great snacks and cheese that you can pick up to accompany that perfect bottle of wine (beer or liquor).

Boston, United States
20 reviews
3 years ago

/ Provincetown

Don't know what to do but you love to people watch? Make time to stroll up and down Commercial Street. The best time (in my opinion) to do this is when people are heading to the Boatslip Tea Dance or just as it is ending - the people watching is amazing. You can also find a favorite perch to watch the ...

Boston, United States
20 reviews
3 years ago

/ Provincetown

Absolutely one of my favorite things to do is rent a bike and ride along the trails. Depending on how crowded Ptown is when you are there you can feel like you're completely alone. While I wouldn't consider this a cruisy place in Ptown, I'm not the first person to enjoy riding the trails, have sex and ...
Gayle Saxe

1 review
3 years ago

/ Cape Town

Gay friendly, spotless clean and great hosts

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