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Seville, Spain
1 review
3 months ago

/ Hamburg

It's a great and friendly place to eat some Iberico Ham, drink a tasty glass of wine and taste a wide variety of delicatessens. It's a good place where to go alone or with friends. The couple hosting are lovely, it makes your stay pleasant, they are polite and courtly. You can find it in the UG1 ...
Alex Moreno

Hamburg, Germany
1 review
3 months ago

/ Hamburg

Great place where to drink a glass of wine and eat some delicatessens in a friendly and open-mided Barcelona-Eixample ambiente. Try one of the Iberico Ham selections if you have not yet. You can find it in the UG1 (Basement 1) of the Europa Passage shopping center. The couple hosting the bistro and shop ...
Willem van Beurden

Cape Town, South Africa
1 review
4 months ago

/ Cape Town

this bar has been there for many years but has been transformed into a new bar called Prison

5 reviews
6 months ago

/ Cape Town

Great selection of diamonds and fine crafted platinum unique rings at wholesale prices all made on site

5 reviews
6 months ago

/ Cape Town

Great artistic food and great wine
Tavi Gonzalez

3 reviews
6 months ago

/ Provincetown

We had a two-room suite with deck. It was the best room in the place. And we enjoyed the weekend a lot.
James Hung

Taipei, Taiwan
1 review
6 months ago

/ Taipei City

The Fist Gay Hotel in Taiwan.
Kris Abbeel

Guadalajara, Mexico
1 review
8 months ago

/ Guadalajara

Is not only for men ! Many ladies and family coming to the strippers. Not what I expect of a gay place at 11 pm :(

W├╝rzburg, Germany
1 review
9 months ago

/ Sydney

Nice Restaurant

Nairobi, Kenya
3 reviews
11 months ago

/ Nairobi

I want to be there all night long, everyday!! good vibes, yummy chicken, awesome music and people can actually watch a game in there.

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