Do you travel in search of natural beauty and maybe even a little adrenaline? You may be interested in the garden terrace dining, a tranquil bed & breakfast and city sites but also want to explore the periphery to take in the great outdoors and pack in some adventure.

Top Cities recommended for Outdoor & Adventure

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Yves Lapointe

Saint-Georges, Canada
2 reviews
2 months ago

/ Fort Lauderdale

Nice but only old people during my trip
Nikki Bradshaw

Long Beach, United States
5 reviews
3 months ago

Mexico City, Mexico
11 reviews
3 months ago

/ San Francisco

You cannot skip it. Come to San Francisco and live this experience. Sightseeing is great

Mexico City, Mexico
11 reviews
3 months ago

/ San Francisco

Beautiful landmark of SFO. A must go!

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    Jordi de Ancos Bardaji

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