There's nothing quite like a day on the town perusing the flagship stores along the grand boulevards for the latest fashions, ducking into an artisanal market to sift through colorful crafts, finding just the right gift at a local concept boutique or pouncing on a real find at weekend flea market that will remind you of your travels for years to come.

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Northampton, United States
36 reviews
Kim Lawrence

1 review
2 months ago

/ Key West

The worst customer service! We saw the boutique earlier in the day before we checked in on the hotel and decided to go in there before heading out to the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. This sales lady who had dirty blond hair and is about 5'3"-5'4" in height immediately pounced on our group and basically made ...

Coupiac, France
120 reviews
2 months ago

/ London

Art Lovers be warned! If you want to blow some coin on some amazing art, you can do a lot worse than one of my favourite independent galleries, Francis Kyle on Maddox Street. Sandwiched between Regent Street and Bond Street, just a short walk from shops like Vivienne Westwood and Versace, the Francis Kyle ...

Coupiac, France
120 reviews
3 months ago

/ Orlando

If there's one thing Americans like to do, it's shop. For some reason they think bigger is better and tend to overlook quality in favour of quantity. So of the 250+ shops, you'll find a handful worth spending money in. I always head to Gap Kids because the sizes are big enough for adults and it's tax ...

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    Gustavo Ariel Casazza

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