Spas, beaches, pool lounges, yoga retreats, beauty treatments, healthy living, green space, a good bubble bath, fresh air, slow travel: the good things in life that make sure you travel relaxed and rejuvenated as you experience every moment in full.

Top Cities recommended for Wellness & Relaxation

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Tulsa, United States
27 reviews
1 month ago

/ Puerto Vallarta

Just down the road from PV, nicest resort ever! Staff not so much!!
Yves Lapointe

Saint-Georges, Canada
2 reviews
2 months ago

/ Fort Lauderdale

Nice but only old people during my trip
Yves Lapointe

Saint-Georges, Canada
1 review
2 months ago

/ Johannesburg

It's one of the best theme parks I've ever been to. The best really. I would visit this place every month if I could.
Nikki Bradshaw

Long Beach, United States
5 reviews
3 months ago

/ Los Angeles

Used to live in this area, perfect for shopping and good food while your at it

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    Gustavo Ariel Casazza
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