Spas, beaches, pool lounges, yoga retreats, beauty treatments, healthy living, green space, a good bubble bath, fresh air, slow travel: the good things in life that make sure you travel relaxed and rejuvenated as you experience every moment in full.

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bob donovan

Eugene, United States
1 review
4 months ago

/ Vancouver

pretty open minded, some joint use. didn't disclose my sexuality so I don't know how "LGBT friendly it is.

New York, United States
9 reviews
5 months ago

/ Rio de Janeiro

Went there today by bike from estação Jardim oceânico. It gorgeous, I'm certain coming back, very local atmosphere with blue waters and beautiful views.

Orting, United States
1 review
5 months ago

/ Seattle

I been but need to go more now that I've moved back to the area
John Graykoski

Phoenix, United States
2 reviews
6 months ago

/ Phoenix

Great little oasis. Salt water pool and hot tub in manicured central courtyard. Doug is very hospitable and runs a relaxing and comfortable resort. Convenient, accessible location. Clean and well appointed.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1 review
7 months ago

/ Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first member of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, Eaton HK has a lot going on beyond accommodations. Inclusive and progressive, Eaton dedicates spaces to contemporary artwork, film screenings, performances, and local indie concerts. It even has an "activist in residence" program at ...
Shawn Geldenhuys

Johannesburg, South Africa
10 reviews
7 months ago

/ Rio de Janeiro

Really nice street market over the weekend
Shawn Geldenhuys

Johannesburg, South Africa
10 reviews
7 months ago

/ Hong Kong

Nice hotel, staff not so friendly but over all not a bad choice.
Shawn Geldenhuys

Johannesburg, South Africa
10 reviews
7 months ago

/ Hong Kong

Really nice hotel, friendly staff beautiful rooms and awesome breakfast
Kárhol Del Río

Hermosillo, Mexico
4 reviews
7 months ago

/ Copenhagen

This visit is a must if you go to Copenhagen. its Fun. What most attracts the attention of the place to neighbors and foreigners, in addition to the impressive street art that unfolds through all its walls, is that marijuana is legal and clear. By having their rules and government they do not respond to ...

Miami, United States
5 reviews
9 months ago

/ Acapulco

A place unique in the world. One of the best Banyan Tree from this international chain of hotels. Try to be sure you get a villa facing the sea or the bay. I had one inside the jungle, it was beautiful but being in Acapulco and not seeing the sea or the bay is not valid.

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