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Extremely well connected, Brighton is only an hour from London by train and 1.5 hours by car. It is linked by train and bus service, and although it does not have its own airport, Gatwick is only 30 minutes by train or 45 minutes by car. Driving in Brighton is not recommended on weekends in the height of summer when thousands descend at the first glimpse of sunshine. During major events, including Pride Weekend, some streets are closed to traffic, so if you are planning on spending more time at the beach than in the car, train in and out are the best options.

Local and international car rental companies operate in Brighton, concentrated mainly in the city center, railway station and seafront.

There are a number of private bike rentals throughout town, but there is not yet a city-run service. Biking tours for new arrivals are a good way of learning the lay of the land. There is a massive cycling hub behind the railway station, as well as a decent bike rental under it.

Although Brighton does not have a metro, there is an extensive overground railway system with an one-hour service to Central London and 30 minutes to Gatwick. The Volk's Electric Railway with its old single track and three stops is a convenient way to travel between the pier in the center of town to the Marina, especially if you are planning to spend some time at Kemptown or Naturist beaches. Trains run every 15 minutes in the summer and recommended over traffic, especially during Pride Weekend and busy summer weekends.

With a reliable and timely schedule, Brighton offers an extensive bus network very well connected to the surrounding towns. The city council has crated a helpful website with live departures and route maps. Double decker, open top sightseeing buses link the main attractions in and around the city for those who prefer convenience over value. The coach station near The Lanes area has regular service to Gatwick and Heathrow airports as well as London and a number of destinations across the UK.

It's not hard to spot the aqua and white Brighton cabs. Also known as Hackney Carriages. they can be waved down anywhere in the city, found at taxi ranks or booked by phone. Private hire cab services are also available and only ordered through an operator. All licensed cabs have the city council logo on the side and the words "Licensed Taxi". Fares are set by the city, and a rate card is available in all cabs. Uber has not yet arrived to Brighton.