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Why you should go to Skala Eressos !

The third-largest of Greece's islands, Lesvos is aptly described as a hidden gem of the Aegean, and one of the last places in the country where travelers can experience authentic Greek village life. Of particular appeal to lesbian tourists is the free-spirited beach town of Skala Eressos, which lies on the western coast of the island amid a stunning landscape of olive trees and volcanic plains. The birthplace of 7th-century BC poet Sappho - so famed for her seductive, female-centered verse that Plato dubbed her "the 10th Muse"  - it combines bohemian charm with a gay pedigree not found anywhere else in the world.

This charming seaside village is home to a cluster of progressive hotels and businesses - including several catering specifically to women - and has been a favorite with lesbian travelers since the 1970s. A two-mile soft sand beach, flanked by sunset cocktail bars and family-run Greek tavernas, is ideal for long days spent in the sun or on the water, while the surrounding countryside is dotted with ancient ruins and hidden waterfalls, making it the perfect place to wander with a backpack and a picnic lunch. The island is also a transit point for over 279 species of birds, and supports a rich ecosystem of coastal wildlife, including turtles, goats, sheep, and various aquatic fauna.

While this area does enjoy some popularity with mainstream visitors and families, the overall vibe is that of exuberant counter-culture, meaning unlike the rest of Greece, lesbians can feel free to show open affection and mingle with the locals, who are friendly and welcoming. Many of the business owners are British and German women who have settled in Lesvos after years of visiting, and are happy to share their accumulated knowledge with new guests. You're likely to make a whole new set of friends, and come back here again and again: it's rare for people to visit Skala Eressos just once.

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