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So many of the great lesbian bars may have closed in the last decade but not all. There's still plenty of places to go out and meet women at night, even if it means getting a bit more creative. You just need to know where to look.

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Cubbyhole Bar, New York City, United States

Cubbyhole Bar

New York City, United States

Cheap beer on draft, upbeat bartenders, and a somewhat goofy décor--Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and lots of vinyl--Cubbyhole is one of the few remaining lesbian-only bars in...
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Henrietta Hudson, New York City, United States

Henrietta Hudson

New York City, United States

A favorite lesbian haunt since 1991, Henrietta Hudson is still serving up reasonably-priced cocktails poured by cute, flirty bartenders.  The jukebox has a good...
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Fiesta Jolie, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fiesta Jolie

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fiesta Jolie brings the weekend party spirit to Wednesdays, with a friendly LGBT party on two big dance floors, popular with ladies in their 20s but welcoming to a fun,...
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The Abbey Food & Bar, Los Angeles, United States

The Abbey Food & Bar

Los Angeles, United States

What began as a discreet gay coffee shop in 1991, impresario and activist David Cooley has built into The Abbey Food & Bar, a local institution and two-time winner...
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3W Kafe, Paris, France

3W Kafe

Paris, France

A cool Parisian bar with DJs and a small dance floor in the basement, 3W Kafe stands for Women With Women. Men are welcome if they come with a woman.
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Beaulah Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

Beaulah Bar

Cape Town, South Africa

Originally a Lesbian bar, Beulah now is not only where girls meet girls but boys meet boys. Beaulah - which means "beautiful" in local gay slang - is In the heart of the...
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Aire Sala Diana, Barcelona, Spain

Aire Sala Diana

Barcelona, Spain

Aire Sala Diana, part of the Arena Group, was designed for the lesbian community and remains one of the best lesbian clubs in town. It mixes Latin, mainstream and...
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Silver Future, Berlin, Germany

Silver Future

Berlin, Germany

Perhaps the most flamboyant gay bar in the city, it is also the most welcoming for queers of all kinds. With outrageous décor lit in colored lights and punkish barkeep,...
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  • 2
Hamburger Mary's, Los Angeles, United States

Hamburger Mary's

Los Angeles, United States

Hamburger Mary's is a camp, open-air bar whose motto is "eat, drink and be...Mary." Along with her burgers, she serves up an extensive menu of cocktails, drag shows,...
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Amerika, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amerika, the biggest LGBT (read hetero-friendly) nightclub in town, has three dance floors with something for everyone, including a mostly local, gay-straight mixed...
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La Mutinerie, Paris, France

La Mutinerie

Paris, France

Formerly the Unity Bar, La Mutinerie is part neighborhood bar, part library, part screening room, part billiard hall with some yoga and self-defense courses thrown in.
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Cafe 't Mandje, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe 't Mandje

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe 't Mandje is one of the longest-running gay bars in the world, opened in 1927 by local lesbian Bet van Beeren and kept by her sister Greet until the 1980s....
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Saarein, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the few original bruise kroegen or brown cafes, decorated with dark-wood and smoke-stained walls, this is a fine example Amsterdam's old fashioned beer holes....
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Gossip Grill, San Diego, United States

Gossip Grill

San Diego, United States

Everybody's welcome at Gossip Grill, a lesbian bar and restaurant with female bouncers and female DJs. Known for its three-finger pours, it has happy hour every day from...
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Girl Bar @ the Abbey, Los Angeles, United States

Girl Bar @ the Abbey

Los Angeles, United States

Robin Gans hosts Girl Bar parties for girls and their friends each Wednesday at the Abbey. The evening features top DJs, GB2 gogo girls, cocktail specials, $3 tacos...
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Escape, Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain

Just off Plaza Chueca, Escape is traditionally a nightclub for women but attracts a diverse clientele, particularly beautiful partygoers that like to dance until 6...
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El Rio, San Francisco, United States

El Rio

San Francisco, United States

Known for having a large and flirtatious patio scene, lesbian-owned El Rio is like a dive bar wearing lipstick. There are burlesque shows, indie bands, board games, and...
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My Sister's Room, Atlanta, United States

My Sister's Room

Atlanta, United States

Though it recently shed its East Atlanta Cool for more mainstream Midtown, My Sister's Room is still the go-to spot for lesbians in Atlanta. The crowd is mostly...
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Bum Bum Bar, New York City, United States

Bum Bum Bar

New York City, United States

The Bum Bum Bar in Queens is full of regulars from the neighborhood-mostly Spanish-speaking-and the women who love them.  A small dance floor, 5USD cover, and Latin...
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SHE Soho, London, England

SHE Soho

London, England

SHE Soho is the only "women-priority" drinking establishment in London, a modernist basement bar serving up a classy but laid-back atmosphere, good cocktails, bar snacks...
Fulanita de Tal, Madrid, Spain

Fulanita de Tal

Madrid, Spain

Opened in 2004 by the Franco sisters, this nightlife destination has been transformed from a small lesbian bar to a recognized brand beyond the LGBTQ community. It's...
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Himmelreich Café, Berlin, Germany

Himmelreich Café

Berlin, Germany

The only lesbian-bar on the tourist-heavy Simon-Dach-Straße, and proud of it: a sign lets all international visitors know that what they are entering is, indeed, a "Gay...
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Las Libertinas, Ibiza, Spain

Las Libertinas

Ibiza, Spain

Las Libertinas, opened by two friends, is a fun and relaxed bar on Carrer Ses Passadis that was created for the ladies but welcomes men. It's known for its friendly vibe...
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G Spot, Fort Lauderdale, United States

G Spot

Fort Lauderdale, United States

"If you're here, you've found it" is the motto of G Spot, a bar for girls who like girls. By day, it's a sports bar. Evenings, it morphs into a full-fledged nightclub....
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Truco, Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain

Popular with women looking to meet up early in the evening, Truco also attracts gay men and straights with its lively environment and varied music, from dance classics...
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Le Bar'ouf, Paris, France

Le Bar'ouf

Paris, France

Le Bar'Ouf is a Lesbian-owned bar where women meet up to play billiards at all levels and games like Scrabble and cards, talk, sing, dance and generally amuse...
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La Sue BCN, Barcelona, Spain

La Sue BCN

Barcelona, Spain

Whether you want to chill out after a hard day on the tourist trail or heat up for a night on the town, La Sue BCN is the cozy living room bar where lesbians of all ages...
Ginger's, New York City, United States


New York City, United States

Ginger's, or "the G-spot", in Park Slope has a careworn charm that makes everyone seem like a regular, while the unaffected ambiance, along with a pool table and airy...
Club 33, Madrid, Spain

Club 33

Madrid, Spain

Start the evening at Club 33 (formerly known as Medea), the oldest lesbian club in Madrid - a good spot for a drink, meeting people and dancing until the sun comes up....
Sunrise Bar, Ibiza, Spain

Sunrise Bar

Ibiza, Spain

Popular with the lesbian crowd, Sunrise is situated in the harbor area of the old town. Inside are pink lights, tall tables and a glamorous vibe, but grab a seat outside...
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FreeZone, Las Vegas, United States


Las Vegas, United States

FreeZone on Sunday nights offer the only lesbian bar scene in Las Vegas, though it's generally inclusive, so all should feel welcome any night of the week. It's also one...
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Amazona, Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the only bars in Tel Aviv solely dedicated to the lesbian crowd, Amazona has a friendly atmosphere and reasonably-priced drinks. Patrons must be 24 or older, and...
Begine, Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

One of the last enclaves of a late-second wave, more separatist women's movement. Founded in 1986 by female squatters, Begine is a bar and meeting space for women from...
Pussy Bar, Mexico City, Mexico

Pussy Bar

Mexico City, Mexico

Catering to a younger crowd, and many just out of the closet, Pussy Bar is the women's side of a see-to-the-other-side twin bar, with pink upholstered walls (the other...
La Rosa, Barcelona, Spain

La Rosa

Barcelona, Spain

La Rosa is a longtime favorite among lesbian bars, a good place to meet up with girls of all ages and listen to music, which varies according to the night.
Rive Gauche, Paris, France

Rive Gauche

Paris, France

The only dance club in town for lesbians, Rive Gauche with lots of mirrors and glitter. Happy Hour is from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
The Phoenix, New York City, United States

The Phoenix

New York City, United States

This rock-n-roll standby in the East Village is a reliable watering hole with a hipster crowd, pool table, video games, and jukebox.  The scene is moderately...
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Bubu Lounge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bubu Lounge

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Modern and very busy, this venue holds up to 900 people. It has four different interconnected areas and a VIP. With parties Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and once a...
Cash Inn Country, Phoenix, United States

Cash Inn Country

Phoenix, United States

There just aren't many lesbian bars in the world so this Phoenix landmark deserves a visit because, well, it's ladies night every night. It is likely that Phoenix's...
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Beaux, San Francisco, United States


San Francisco, United States

The polished brass details and leather couches at Beaux may lead you to believe that it's just a spot for a few beers - and it is a good stop for happy hour - but the...
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Barbi(e)turix, Paris, France


Paris, France

Barbu(e)turix, the original Parisian collective, hosts the occasional Wet for Her, a massive party with big-name performers, burlesque, multi-media effects. Considered...
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Rogmi mini bar

Rogmi mini bar

Chaniá, Greece

The Rogmi mini bar is indeed quite small, although warm, welcoming and packed with a good time and a sometimes mixed crowd. Music is house, rock, electro swing and so...
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Pearl Bar, Houston, United States

Pearl Bar

Houston, United States

Pearl Bar moved into the old Pearl Bar on the Washington Avenue strip in 2013, giving women who love women a place for a laid-back party in Houston. Lesbian-owned, it...
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Blush and Blu, Denver, United States

Blush and Blu

Denver, United States

Although Blush and Blu may be called Denver's last lesbian bar, it is also a big hearted community space on Colfax that is welcoming to all and has hosted everything...
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Teres Café Bar, Medellin, Colombia

Teres Café Bar

Medellin, Colombia

At Teres Café Bar - "The Bar of Your Passions," dancing the night away to crossover is just one of the passions. The bar also stages special themed events like divas...
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La Berenjena, Madrid, Spain

La Berenjena

Madrid, Spain

A really tiny lesbian bar, La Bernejena gets rave notices for its outstanding tapas and the dinners served after 8 pm. Reservations possible. Or get there as soon as it...
Le So What, Paris, France

Le So What

Paris, France

Le What's Up is known for its chic ambiance, notable mojitos and dressy attire. It's favored by older lesbians of various tastes.
13|Even, Fort Lauderdale, United States


Fort Lauderdale, United States

13|Even, a cozy bar serving wine, craft beer and tapas, is the offshoot of the late New Moon, a long-running lesbian bar. Partners Nancy and Carol recently...
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She-La, Munich, Germany


Munich, Germany

This lesbian and friends party is held in 8below on the first Saturday of every month. With entry comes a welcome drink, a rad selection of DJs, live acts and the most...
Flamingo Beach Bar, Skala Eressos, Greece

Flamingo Beach Bar

Skala Eressos, Greece

Open every May through October, Flamingo Beach Bar brings a kitschy sensibility and a playful spirit to the Skala Eressos scene. Painted in bright pinks, greens and...
Lipstick Lounge, Nashville, United States

Lipstick Lounge

Nashville, United States

Advertised as "a bar for everyone who is human" over 21, Lipstick Lounge is a lesbian-owned and lesbian-frequented hang out with all the makings of a good time: live...
Getto Food & Drinks, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Getto Food & Drinks

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Getto is a fun and friendly bar that describes itself as "an attitude-free zone, for gays, lesbians, bi, queers and straights". It specializes in reasonably priced...
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Les Peches, Hong Kong, China

Les Peches

Hong Kong, China

Les Peches has been sponsoring flamboyant monthly parties for lesbians and bi-sexual women since 2006 at venues around town, most recently at The Basement, a club on...
Wild Side West, San Francisco, United States

Wild Side West

San Francisco, United States

The Wild Side West dates to 1962 when proud lesbians Pat Ramseyer and Nancy White opened the first incarnation in Oakland. Two years later, it moved to Broadway in San...
PAT, New York City, United States


New York City, United States

Just across the East River, DJ JD Samson and guest DJs bring the PAT house and disco dance party to Union Pool in Williamsburg once a month. The vibe is friendly and...
Notre Dame Des Quilles, Montreal, Canada

Notre Dame Des Quilles

Montreal, Canada

Often described as a hipster dive, Notre Dame Des Quilles is an unpretentious bar with two old school bowling lanes, comfort food and events that range from DJ nights to...
Marlborough Pub & Theater, Brighton, England

Marlborough Pub & Theater

Brighton, England

Built in 1787 as the Golden Cross Inn, the historic Marlborough has been an LGBTQ venue since the 1970s, with a cozy 60-seater theater with a proscenium-arch stage and a...
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The Queen's Head, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Queen's Head

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hetero-friendly, The Queen's Head on the edge of the Red-Light District has been open for 20 years. The down-to-earth vibe attracts locals, visitors and celebrities...
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Bach Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bach Bar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Popular with the girls , this small neighborhood bar - the oldest LGBT bar in town - draws a mixed crowd of 20 and 30 somethings with lively drag and cabaret shows...
poor and literate, Berlin, Germany

poor and literate

Berlin, Germany

A gallery and performance space, a cafe and bar, and a very small library ("Virginia's Woolf"): a lot is packed in to this little bar in Prenzlauer Berg. Open to humans...
The Cloakroom, Hong Kong, China

The Cloakroom

Hong Kong, China

The Cloakroom opened in the lively Causeway Bay district in 2021 as a "Mystical Girls Cocktail Lounge" with a speakeasy vibe and crafted cocktails.
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The L Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The L Club

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The L Club is a Friday night lesbian hot spot that puts on shows and packs the dimly-lit dance floor with mostly women moving to tribal house and funk. There's also...
Bar da Dida, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bar da Dida

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The sidewalk tables are popular on hot days at this relaxed hang out. Before being converted into a bar, Bar da Dida was a garage, and is most frequented by girls who...
Vela, Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark

Vela is the only all-girls bar in Copenhagen, owned and operated by Mama Vela, who runs the place as both hangout and dance club. The decor is nothing to write home...
The Wildrose, Seattle, United States

The Wildrose

Seattle, United States

As Seattle's last remaining lesbian bar, it's worth your time to stop into the Wildrose if only for its 30-year-old legacy, a cheap drink, and quality people watching....
The Closet, Chicago, United States

The Closet

Chicago, United States

The name of this neighborhood bar speaks volumes to the size of this cash only, decades-old drinking spot on the edge of Boystown. Lesbian-owned and operated beginning...
Tarantina, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain

Tarantina is a super-cool weekly Saturday night cocktail/dance party for lesbians. Set up cabaret style, it opens with various kinds of performances and then everyone...
Girlstown, Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

Occuring bi-monthly in the Gretchen Club, this popular party for women promises a wild, flirtatious night for lesbians of all ages. The vibe is Kreuzberg-casual, the...
La Champmeslé, Paris, France

La Champmeslé

Paris, France

The first girl bar in Paris in 1979, La Champmeslé is nothing less than an institution. Plus it's homey and fun with themed evenings including Tuesday for...
Pied Bar, Provincetown, United States

Pied Bar

Provincetown, United States

Pied Bar is something of a Provincetown landmark, and has been a meeting point for the Cape Cod lesbian community since the early 1950s when it was called the Ace of...
Iron Bar, Cologne, Germany

Iron Bar

Cologne, Germany

When the bar was taken over by two women and remodeled into a sleek lounge with creative cocktails, there was hope for a (much needed) migration of gay ladies to...
Crazy Horse Cabaret, Paris, France

Crazy Horse Cabaret

Paris, France

Created by Alain Bernardin in 1951, Le Crazy Horse has become a Paris institution, known for its sultry and provocative cabaret show performed in the nude by...
Moza, Bogota, Colombia


Bogota, Colombia

Moza is a lesbian nightclub with mariachis, 2X1 cocktails and no cover on Thursdays. Weekends there's a 35,000 peso (c. US$12) cover and a free open bar until 1 am....
Les Paradis HK, Hong Kong, China

Les Paradis HK

Hong Kong, China

Local lesbians like the beer pong and darts at L'Paradis as well as the drink prices. In Camelon Center, it has table-dance shows.
Misster, New York City, United States


New York City, United States

Misster is a weekly Wednesday night dance party for the cutest girls in NYC. DJ Amber Valentine and weekly guest DJs play the good-time jams all night long - everything...
Blue Lounge, Cologne, Germany

Blue Lounge

Cologne, Germany

One of the few lesbian venues in Cologne, this "Tanzbar" (dance-bar) has been going strong for thirteen years and offers all kinds of parties and dance-nights for gay...
Mint, Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

A bimonthly electro-party for the ladies in the Schlesischer Tor trainstation by famed Berlin party-maker Zoe. The DJ-list is all female, and the crowd mostly lesbian,...
The Monster, New York City, United States

The Monster

New York City, United States

In the 1930s this place was Chico's Nightclub, and it still retains the dance floor and Latin flavor from that era.  Today, it's one of the happiest little dance...
Garbo for Women, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Garbo for Women

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Held every 4th Saturday night of the month outside Amsterdamat Beach Club Vroeger in Overveen, over 1,000 women have gathered to party for the last decade. Female Djs...
La Melon BCN, Barcelona, Spain

La Melon BCN

Barcelona, Spain

La Melon BCN is a circuit party for a trendy crowd of women, usually held on the first Saturday of the month but best to check the Facebook page for details.

Sappho Garden of the Arts

Skala Eressos, Greece

Sappho Garden of the Arts is a lesbian-owned, community-oriented art space that plays host to live music, poetry readings, karaoke, and open-air theater. The facility also operates as a café and bar, so crowds gather to have a drink and kick back even when the stage is empty. The Garden makes a point of audience...
Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jimmy Woo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

With a very cosmopolitan feel, complete with young socialites and their shiny jewellery and skinny supermodels, this club attracts the Dutch VIPs and celebrities....

Pink Hole

Seoul, South Korea

The Pink Hole in Hong Dae is for females, the first lesbian club to organize party events and tucked into an side street basement not far from Hapjeong Station. Down the stairs is a base-fed dance floor, bar and lounge, mostly packed with young local women, although gay boys have been known to attend with a higher cover.
Roxie, Shanghai, China


Shanghai, China

Roxie in another life was Hepcat, a U.S.-style, rockabilly bar, which used to host occasional ladies' nights. The recent name change also signifies a new ambiance, which...
Spyners Pub, Chicago, United States

Spyners Pub

Chicago, United States

This hole-in-the wall divey bar has a full calendar of events, cheap drink specials, a pool table and a popcorn machine, popular with a mixed crowd of women who love...
Progress Bar, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Progress Bar

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Formerly the New Moon, Progress Bar continues the space's longtime lesbian tradition by hosting a ladies night with DJ Citizen Jane on Wednesdays. The rest of the week...
Espeto de Bambu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Espeto de Bambu

Sao Paulo, Brazil

An intimate and colorful bar in Cerquira César, Espeto de Bambu (which translates as Bamboo Skewer) is primarily for women with live music, mostly female voices...
Girlicious, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, Spain

Advertised as a new concept in lesbian parties, Girlicious is a monthly dance party put on by the Matinée Group, the circuit party organizers, as a warm-up to the Girlie...
Exit Après Chique, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Exit Après Chique

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Exit Après Chique is a late night, après-ski style bar owned by the famous NYX club next door. Happy hour starts at 1 am every night, accompanied by dance pop or house,...
The Steady Cafe and Bar, Toronto, Canada

The Steady Cafe and Bar

Toronto, Canada

This Miami-inspired bar located in Toronto's hip West end features cocktails and dancing nightly. The Steady also hosts a variety of weekly queer events from comedy...
La 80 (La Ochenta), Madrid, Spain

La 80 (La Ochenta)

Madrid, Spain

Celebrating the retro classics of the 80s, La 80 disco has a LGBTQ ambiance and is particularly lesbian-friendly.
Rumors Bar & Grill, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Rumors Bar & Grill

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Everyone parties at Rumors, which celebrates diversity in its video bar, Martini lounge, sports bar and patio. For those who were here before, this used to be Matty's....
UHAUL SF, San Francisco, United States


San Francisco, United States

This high-energy dance party for girls who love girls takes place the third Friday of every month at Oasis. Serious party ladies should mark their calendars.
Progress Bar, Chicago, United States

Progress Bar

Chicago, United States

Progress Bar is a unique site in the Boystown neighborhood, attracting a diverse crowd and maintaining daily drink specials. 16 beers on tap, decent-sized cocktails,...
A League Of Her Own, Washington DC, United States

A League Of Her Own

Washington DC, United States

"This is the place for people who have never been able to find their place," reads the manifesto on the wall. New on the scene in 2018, A League of Her Own created a...
TABOO, Taipei City, Taiwan


Taipei City, Taiwan

Opened in 2008, TABOO is still going strong as the top lesbian spot in Taipei's hip Ximending gayborhood. The basement club is a nicely designed space with a small dance...
Sue Ellen's, Dallas, United States

Sue Ellen's

Dallas, United States

Opened in January 1989, Sue Ellen's moved to its current spot in 2008, expanding to two floors outfitted with mood lighting and video screens. The dance floor and live...
Sonntags-Club, Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany

Started by a circle of gay friends in the DDR who met regularly on Sundays, this meeting point in Berlin still serves the lesbian, gay and trans communities. It's...
Bar Saint Jean, Berlin, Germany

Bar Saint Jean

Berlin, Germany

This basement bar is a favorite meeting place in Mitte among gay men. The french owners avoid the cliché retro-eclectic and instead outfit the space with moody lighting...
Chez Marie, Paris, France

Chez Marie

Paris, France

Chez Marie, previously called O'Kubi and now named for its owner, is a neighborhood bar with great prices at its 6 pm to 9 pm happy hour. N'import the orientation,...
Blue Martini, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Blue Martini

Fort Lauderdale, United States

The Blue Martini has 42 signature Martinis plus champagne, live entertainment, DJs and a Ladies Night Out on Wednesdays. It attracts a local crowd but also has...

Agua Bar

Skala Eressos, Greece

Owned and operated by a successful team of local women, Agua Bar is a chill spot on the beach with free WiFi and a small but delicious Italian-influenced menu. It's a great place to come during the day when you've had your fill of Greek food and want to spend some time surfing the Internet, while at night, the scene gets...

Phase One

Atlanta, United States

In the wealthier Stone Mountain enclave is this lesser known lesbian bar, where hip-hop is the music of choice and the vibe is, well, outside-the-perimeter. But it attracts a loyal and diverse clientele, still packs that Atlanta edge, and may be worth the drive if looking for an alternative to the ladies at My Sister's...
't Smalle, Amsterdam, Netherlands

't Smalle

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Originally built as Hoppe distillery in 1780, time appears to have stood still with the lasting old oak casks, vintage brass furnishings and gleaming chandeliers....
Virus Bar, Hong Kong, China

Virus Bar

Hong Kong, China

Known as a "girls' bar," long-running Virus has an all-you-can-drink special from 6 to 10 pm for HK$78 (US$10), comfy couches and karaoke in the main room. It's in...
R Lounge, Phoenix, United States

R Lounge

Phoenix, United States

This place has changed names so many times, it is hard to keep up.  Most recently it was known as Zoan, a lesbian bar with DJ music, great for catching the football...
Bar Marianne, Berlin, Germany

Bar Marianne

Berlin, Germany

The Heinrichplatz area has as reputation for lesbian venues, but perhaps none are as tried and true as this neighborhood lounge on Mariannestraße. With a warm atmosphere...
Mission Dolores, New York City, United States

Mission Dolores

New York City, United States

A laid-back hipster-ish joint any night of the week, Mission Dolores in Park Slope hosts a Monday night party that's meant for everyone but tends to draw a low-key...
Garage and Workmans, Dublin, Ireland

Garage and Workmans

Dublin, Ireland

Garage, a punk-esque rock bar, and the adjoining Workmans, an indie music venue, aren't explicitly lesbian bars, but they definitely attract a queer female crowd. Grunge...
Toucan's Tiki Lounge, Palm Springs, United States

Toucan's Tiki Lounge

Palm Springs, United States

Toucan's Tiki Lounge is a dance club for all ages and genders with what may be the longest running drag revue in the area. Tommi Rose and the Playgirls take the stage on...

The Tenth Muse

Skala Eressos, Greece

The Tenth Muse sits on the main square in Skala Eressos, across from a statue of Sappho. One of the only lesbian-owned bars that remains open year-round, it's extremely popular with both locals and tourists. The vibe is congenial and upbeat, and evenings here are so loud and celebratory that they often spill out into the...
Rosie's Bar and Grill, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Rosie's Bar and Grill

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Good day or night, Rosie's is the see-and-be-seen spot in Wilton Manors with the action outside on the tropical patio. It features Djs and buckets of beer on Sundays and...
Cherry Bomb, Toronto, Canada

Cherry Bomb

Toronto, Canada

"A Concept, a Party, a Vibe" and local favorite, Cherry Bomb is a popular women's-slash-queer dance party organized by DJ team Cozmic Cat and Denise Benson every third...
Toasted Walnut Bar and Kitchen, Philadelphia, United States

Toasted Walnut Bar and Kitchen

Philadelphia, United States

Toasted Walnut opened in 2017, filling the void left by the closing of Sister's with a huge 3,800-square-foot venue complete with 17-foot ceilings. a massive glowing...
Slyfox Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Slyfox Hotel

Sydney, Australia

The old dive bar Slyfox has been relaunched as a late night music venue with a new front lounge, a dance floor and a Funktion-One sound system. The action includes...
The Glory, London, England

The Glory

London, England

The Glory, whose owners include British comedian and drag queen Jonny Woo, is a queer and alternative East End pub and performance space. It schedules screenings,...
Ruby Tuesdays, London, England

Ruby Tuesdays

London, England

Billed as the "Friendliest Girls Night Out in Soho", Ruby Tuesdays takes over Ku Klub every Tuesday with DJ Sandra D on the decks. Male guests are welcome accompanied by...
Wow Café Theater, New York City, United States

Wow Café Theater

New York City, United States

Wow Café opened in 1980 as a global women's theater, and today welcomes any transgender or cisgender woman to the theater collective, with workshops and group...
The Basement Club, Brighton, England

The Basement Club

Brighton, England

The Basement Club is one of Brighton's biggest nightclubs located underground at the Legends bar and hotel on Kemptown's seafront. Open until 4 am on Wednesdays,...
La Antigua Hueveria, Madrid, Spain

La Antigua Hueveria

Madrid, Spain

A favorite with local lesbians, La Antigua Taqueria brings a little of the New World back to the Old with Mexican tacos, quesadillas and beer served in a Viva México!...
Buoy Bar at the Boatslip, Provincetown, United States

Buoy Bar at the Boatslip

Provincetown, United States

Buoy Bar is located at the famous Boatslip Resort and hosts a number of themed nights that draw a friendly, laid-back crowd. Movie Nights are particularly fun, with...
Studio One 11, Palm Springs, United States

Studio One 11

Palm Springs, United States

Studio One 11 is relaxed LGBT cocktail lounge catering. Formerly the girl bar Delilah's, it has a cabaret singer on Tuesday and Friday, free broiled chicken and a movie...
The Apartment, Shanghai, China

The Apartment

Shanghai, China

Styled like a sleek Manhattan loft, The Apartment has cozy leather couches in the lounge, a party room with DJ and dance floor, rooms for more private lounging and...
Club Up, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Club Up

Amsterdam, Netherlands

With a clandestine feel this 'underground' club can only be spotted by the long queues outside its discreet and narrow building. Away from the party paradise of...

Show Girlz

Montpellier, France

For girls who like girls, Show Girlz organizes regular themed parties at Addict Klub, with an often beautiful and lively crowd.
L'Alchimise, Nice, France


Nice, France

Audrey Laichimiste from Brooklyn, NY, is the passionate mixologist and owner at L'Alchimise. She concocts creative craft cocktails that bring raves in a mysterious...
Rainbow Power Group, Nice, France

Rainbow Power Group

Nice, France

Rainbow Power Group has been throwing LGBTQ parties in Nice since 2005, regularly at the fabulous High Club on the Promenade des Anglais and elsewhere on the Côte...
Ember, Orlando, United States


Orlando, United States

Popular with lesbians, Ember has four bars and a patio. Good for Sunday all-your-can-eat brunch with unlimited mimosas and the Wednesday wine-down with happy hour...

The FAB Lounge

Washington DC, United States

Somewhat small and with a lesbian crowd that skews young and African American, The FAB Lounge is a fun no-cover dance spot in northern Dupont with strong drinks and loud Top 40, R&B and rap music.
Lez Stand Up, Portland, United States

Lez Stand Up

Portland, United States

Lesbian feminist stand up comedy. Is there more that needs saying? Check them out at the Curious Comedy Club (which also has many other shows if comedy is your thing),...
Mother, Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland

Dive back in time at Mother, a Saturday night gay club bumping with retro synth-pop, electro, indies and 80s music. DJs spin everything from Human League to Depeche...
Brouwerij 't IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brouwerij 't IJ

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As far as breweries go, it doesn't get more Dutch than this. Better known as 'windmill brewery', the beer is made in the thatched windmill which towers over the garden....
Walker's Pint, Milwaukee, United States

Walker's Pint

Milwaukee, United States

Walker's Pint, since 2001, is a neighborhood tavern where "Every Night is Ladies Night", but anyone and everyone is welcome. There's a pool table, darts, an outdoor beer...
Slammers, Columbus, United States


Columbus, United States

Slammers, around for over 25 years, is the last lesbian bar standing in Columbus, Ohio. It continues to be a hot spot for customers from all walks of life, however, and...
Rich's, San Diego, United States


San Diego, United States

Around since 1991, Rich's is the largest and best known of San Diego's LGBT clubs and a favorite spot during the annual Pride celebration. It boasts two dance floors -...
Buenos Aires Out & About Pub Crawl, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Out & About Pub Crawl

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Started in 2010, the Buenos Aires Out And About Gay Pub Crawl brings LGBT locals and travelers together for a fun, safe and memorable experience, hopping among the...
Vibra, Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland

Founded in 2013, this one of few lesbian parties in Zurich takes place at the Longstreet Bar, often showcasing impressive lineups of DJanes and warm, sexy vibes well...
Tanzleila, Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland

The long-running Tanzleila club night is a dance party for women only, lesbian or not. Organized four times a year at the plush Club Exil, the female DJs keep the crowd...
The Queen's Arms, Brighton, England

The Queen's Arms

Brighton, England

With cabaret shows, sing along and drags performances, The Queen's Arms is a mixed lesbian and gay pub in the heart of Kemptown since 1992. If the loud, blasting music...
Café Glück, Munich, Germany

Café Glück

Munich, Germany

A laid-black and much loved café near the Glockenbachviertel, Café Glück is small and eclectic, serving simple but well-prepared food (brunch, though, is only served on...
Serene Bar, Berlin, Germany

Serene Bar

Berlin, Germany

A lesbian institution near Tempelhoferfeld, Serene has a laid back atmosphere (you can dress down or dress up) and draws a middle-aged crowd. It's also one of the last...
La Java, Paris, France

La Java

Paris, France

La Java, established in 1923 in an Art Deco building, was a legendary dance hall where Maurice Chevalier and Edith Piaf made their debuts and Django Reinhardt played. It...
Gay Factory, Hamburg, Germany

Gay Factory

Hamburg, Germany

The Gay Factory throws Saturday night dance parties about every other month for gays, lesbians, friends. Music is house, pop and rock 'n'roll with DJs. One of the...
Toom Peerstall, Hamburg, Germany

Toom Peerstall

Hamburg, Germany

Among the longest running gay bars in Hamburg. Toom Peerstall attracts an older crowd, both men and women, with nightly events in a cosy, cigarette-friendly venue a bit...
Kyti Voo, Hamburg, Germany

Kyti Voo

Hamburg, Germany

Kyti Voo is a popular mixed LGBTQ hangout on Lange Reihe that has one of the largest outdoor terraces on the street and is great for people-watching. Breakfast is served...
Extratour, Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg, Germany

Extratour is an old-style basement bar with booths that encourage chatting. It draws a mixed crowd, including local regulars.
Queen Club, Paris, France

Queen Club

Paris, France

Once the city's biggest gay club - Le Central until it closed in 1991, Queen Club is the famous mega club on the Champs-Elyses with big-name international DJs. It still...
CINEMQ, Shanghai, China


Shanghai, China

CINEMQ is a monthly queer cinema party, organized by ShanghaiPRIDE at various venus, that features international short films and an after party that goes on until the...
OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 1999, a group of artists squatted this former film school building. Fast forward 16 years and this place has been transformed into a hub for the sub-culture in...
Elle World, Cologne, Germany

Elle World

Cologne, Germany

Elle World is one of the few lesbian parties in Cologne. Held four times a year at the "Alter Wartesaal" (now "Wartesaal am Zollhafen"), admission is only eight euros,...
Cafe Belgique, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe Belgique

Amsterdam, Netherlands

17th century Dutch meets graffiti art in one of the smallest bars in Amsterdam. One of the main hangouts for street artists and DJs in the city, this place has managed...
Vesper Bar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vesper Bar

Amsterdam, Netherlands

With a British-inspired theme, the Vesper Bar serves up 'high-tea cocktails' in alcohol-filled tea pots and cups, accompanied by cakes and pastries from neighboring...

Club Roque

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The swanky Club Roque is a smallish club which attracts 20-somethings, particularly to its midnight happy hour. Opposite the Stopera, it is right by the Amstel canal in one of Amsterdam's hottest nightlife areas.
Pollux, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Owners Frits and Tanja are so much part of this go-go bar turned dive that they have their own wax statues next to the comfy seating. The stripper's pole is still there...
Pacific Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pacific Park

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Set in a former coal processing plant turned city park and cultural hub, this spacious club is like an old American dinner hired out for a party. Full of artsy types,...
Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jazzy, urban and effortlessly sexy, Bitterzoet is a cozy alternative to the many electro clubs of Amsterdam. Here soul music takes over, with the longest running...


London, England

A queer electronic dance club in Vauxhall with a labyrinth of rooms and a diverse, inter-generational crowd, a favorite of queer women.
Phase 1, Washington DC, United States

Phase 1

Washington DC, United States

Renowned as the longest continuously-running lesbian bar in America, Phase 1 in Capitol Hill is a no-frills ladies-only spot with pool tables, karaoke, Sunday drag king...

Temporary Lesbian Bar (TLB)

Portland, United States

Hosted by the neighborhood pizza pub, The Mississippi, TLB is a pop-up lesbian party created to fill the void when Portland's last remaining lesbian bar closed in 2010. While it's not quite the same as having the Egyptian Club back, the pizza is pretty fantastic.
Joie de Vine, Chicago, United States

Joie de Vine

Chicago, United States

Joie de Vine is perfect if you're craving custom-made cocktails and small plates in a quaint, neighborhood setting. Mixologist bartenders means there's no official...

The Henhouse

Toronto, Canada

While The Henhouse has historically attracted a mostly lesbian crowd, the clientele has become more mixed over the years and currently attracts a trans* and gender queer crowd. Located in downtown Toronto, The Henhouse is open 6pm to 2am Tuesday through Saturday.
MARIA, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Launched in 2010, Maria is a party for women only with shows and live music, held at different venues throughout Buenos Aires.
Gertrude & Alice Cafe Bookstore, Sydney, Australia

Gertrude & Alice Cafe Bookstore

Sydney, Australia

Gertrude & Alice - named after you know who - is a jewel of a cafe, with a memorable menu and lined floor to ceiling with used books to buy or peruse while you nosh....
dish Creative Cuisine, Palm Springs, United States

dish Creative Cuisine

Palm Springs, United States

A prime viewing spot for the Pride Parade, dish Creative Cuisine makes the Pride best-eats list with some of the most creative food in town and top craft cocktails....
Herz, Mobile, United States


Mobile, United States

Herz offers "the only lesbian focused atmosphere" in town and prides itself on its signature cocktails. Relaxed, social and friendly, there's pool, darts and patio...
Stonewall Bar, Orlando, United States

Stonewall Bar

Orlando, United States

Namesake of the Greenwich Village original, Stonewall is a neighborhood bar gone industrial chic with a new Skybar offering views of downtown and the new soccer stadium....
Gigi's Music Cafe, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Gigi's Music Cafe

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Like Kit Porter in "The L Word," Gigi Brown combines her love of music and food in Gigi's Music Cafe in a strip mall with an AMC multiplex theater. Inside the ambiance...
Cream Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Cream Toronto

Toronto, Canada

A monthly party for the girls, Cream Toronto is big on bass and lights in an electric club setting that makes for non-stop late-night dancing with music from DJ KLR.
The Palms, Los Angeles, United States

The Palms

Los Angeles, United States

The Palms, LA's last lesbian bar, closed in 2013 after new landlords decided to redevelop the property. It lives on in spirit and on a Facebook page.
Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, United States

Rickshaw Stop

San Francisco, United States

This 4,000-sq-ft bare-bones former TV studio plays host to a great line-up of indie, punk, grunge, and rock bands. The venue is small and intimate, so if your favorite...
Cafe Vico Piano Bar, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Cafe Vico Piano Bar

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Cafe Vico has added a piano bar to the menu with a performer every night and three on weekends, playing jazz to disco. During the winter season, there are special jazz...
Tropics Piano Bar & Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Tropics Piano Bar & Restaurant

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Tropics has nightly live entertainment including karaoke, sing-a-longs and an occasional drag show in a venue that's been around for more than 20 years. It offers a menu...
Thirteen Restaurant & Bar, Fort Lauderdale, United States

Thirteen Restaurant & Bar

Fort Lauderdale, United States

Thirteen Restaurant & Bar is little sister to 13|EVEN wine bar, which itself is the descendant of the late New Moon, the long-running lesbian bar, and even earlier...
Red Barn, Palm Springs, United States

Red Barn

Palm Springs, United States

The Red Barn is a dive bar with a wooden dance floor, rock 'n'roll juke box every day and local bands (rock and reggae more than country) Wednesday through Saturday....

Friday Truck Stop Girlz

Los Angeles, United States

Truck Stop Girlz, the popular girl party, lost its venue in 2014 when Here closed and the property acquired by The Abbey.
Zelda's Nightclub, Palm Springs, United States

Zelda's Nightclub

Palm Springs, United States

Now in a new location, Zelda's Nightclub has been the premium dance club in Coachella Valley for nearly 40 years. Venue for The Dinah kickoff party, it has five full...
QUADZ, Palm Springs, United States


Palm Springs, United States

On Arenas, the "gay bar road," QUADZ (formerly SpurLine Video Lounge) is a gay nightclub and singalong video bar that hasn't been taken over by bachelorette parties...
'Bout Time II, Austin, United States

'Bout Time II

Austin, United States

'Bout Time II in North Austin draws a mixed crowd that tends to skew a bit older and fun-loving, bolstered by an unpretentious and quite queer atmosphere. There is a...
Lipstick24, Austin, United States


Austin, United States

Opened in 2010, Lipstick24 was once Austin's go-to lesbian bar with a tree-covered deck, swanky lounge, dance floor, pool tables and a calendar of womyn events, but it...
Laurel Hardware, Los Angeles, United States

Laurel Hardware

Los Angeles, United States

Laurel Hardware, hanging on to the name and the sign of the previous occupant, is a farm-to-table restaurant serving dinner, Sunday brunch and desserts but better known...
Complexe Sky, Montreal, Canada

Complexe Sky

Montreal, Canada

A massive establishment in the village, Sky has three dance clubs - with anything from cabaret to dirty pop to hip hop to house to latin beats - and a rooftop terrace...
Vive La Vie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vive La Vie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For 37 years Vivelavie entertained the lesbian community in Amsterdam with its casual atmosphere, stocked full of photos of female Hollywood stars. A perfect place to...
Fiesta Bar & Lounge, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Fiesta Bar & Lounge

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With a gay waitstaff, Fiesta Bar & Lounge is indeed a fiesta, offering affordable prices, billiards, comedy shows, live music, snacks and internet. Happy hour...
Outwest Bar, Seattle, United States

Outwest Bar

Seattle, United States

West Seattle's only gay bar, Outwest offers karaoke, dancing, bingo and movie nights in a low-key environment. Though the bar itself is a fairly recent addition, its...
Seattle Women's Armwrestling Tournament (SWAT), Seattle, United States

Seattle Women's Armwrestling Tournament (SWAT)

Seattle, United States

Have you ever been bummed that you missed the era when women got together in old airplane hangars in the industrial district to arm wrestle and dance and drink...
Darling Nikki, San Francisco, United States

Darling Nikki

San Francisco, United States

Darling Nikki began as house party at the loft of producers Lyra Wallace and Lydia Daniller but has expanded to a monthly gig at Slate Bar in the Mission. For an $8...

Chueca Restó-Bar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The swank and trendy Chueca Restó-Bar is popular with the girls who like finer food and cocktails served in a lounge-y setting. Wednesday is Chueca Chicas night, and drag shows are every night.

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