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At Your Leisure

Recommended for : Luxury
You wake up in the Bel Etage Suite at das Stue and, after your morning routine, head down to the spa when it opens at 6 am when you'll have it as much to yourself.
After an invigorating swim and sauna, you pick up the rental bike the hotel has arranged for you and take it for a morning tour through the Tiergarten.
You pass through the Brandenburg gate to head across town, and, because it's Sunday, brunch on a beautifully arranged plate of cheeses, breads, and sliced meats at the popular and trendy Bäckerei Alpenstück in Prenzlauer Berg
Bike about 10 minutes to Bonanza Coffee for a bit more coffee and quality people watching before walking through the flea market at nearby Mauerpark, where you might just find some antique pieces to ship back home.
Ready for an in-room massage and a nap, you call for an Uber with a bike rack and take it back to the hotel. 
Come evening, it's time for the philharmonic: the hotel got you balcony-seats. You dress up and by the time you reach the lobby, the concierge already has a cab waiting for you. 
After the concert, you make your way to Weserstraße and knock back a couple of cocktails at Ä before heading to Berghain for a decidedly different kind of culture.
Once you've had your fill of dancing, you return to the hotel, where you get the room service to bring you a light breakfast and a warm pillow.