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A Shopping Extravaganza

Recommended for : Local Flavor Shopping

Book a room in the centrally-located and swanky Hopper Hotel et cetera, whose vicinity to the Belgisches Viertel will be paramount to the shopping-extravaganza that awaits.


Start the morning strolling around the neighborhood, taking in all of its fashion boutiques, such as Simon & Renoldi and The Good Will Out. Check out the men's labels at Monsieur Courbet and the impressive record collection next door before seeing what the cool kids are wearing at Brüßler Platz in the center of the district.


Grab a bite to eat at the popular Metzgerei & Salon Schmitz around the corner.

If Saturday, take a leisurely stroll southwards to Uni-Center for one of the biggest flea markets in the city. After browsing through the second-hand wares, take the 18 and then the 3 to Ehrenfeld, for a handful of more alternative boutiques.
If you get hungry again, stop in for breads, sweets or a late brunch buffet at Simitland before heading back to Altstadt on the 4, and wander through the crowds on the cobblestone Schildergasse, where you'll find more mainstream fare. 

Be sure to visit one of Cologne's oldest operations, House of 4711, to sample the perfumes the city is famous for.

Before heading back to the hotel, catch the Dom as it fades in the twilight since no itinerary in Cologne is complete without at least a glance at its famous cathedral.