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So Much to Zoo

Recommended for : Family
Make your home base at the Hotel Chelsea in the Belgian Quarter, accommodating to families with double rooms or suites and a short walk to the sites in the old town.
After an early bird bite in the hotel's café, head out for a landmark visit of the Kölner Dom, open from 6 am. The cathedral may have taken over 600 years to build, but a tour of the cathedral can be just long enough to hold the entire family's interest with a climb to the tower, exploration of the beautiful stained glass and a visit to the treasure chamber. Or, take a guided tour, available in English, Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 2:30 pm.
Hop a 15-minute tram ride to Ehrenfeld (lines 3 or 4), and grab a turkish-style brunch in at Simitland, where a family of four can get their fill for 20 Euros.
Wander the neighborhood, pointing out the graffiti art and maybe stopping into Van Dyck Rösterei for a recharge and some hot cocoa for the youngsters.

Hop a taxi or tram to the Cologne Zoo, one of the oldest and largest in Germany and about a mile outside the city center. Don't miss the beautiful aquarium, owl monastery, Elephant park, Nile crocodiles, the big cat habitat or famous primate collection. Book ahead of time for a walk through of the rainforest enclosure or camping in the zoo. There is a lot to see, so plan accordingly.

Wind down a bit with a walk along the Rhine, before heading for burgers as Hans im Glück, named after a Brother's Grimm fairly tale and only a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Note that there may not be children's portions.