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Into the Wild

Recommended for : Outdoor & Adventure
Acapulco is a lotus land of pleasures with all-inclusive luxury resorts, beautifully manicured golf links and sunset cruises on the bay, but it also has real adventure in the Sierra Madre Mountains behind the city and wild marshlands along the coast both north and south of the city. If that's the kind of adventure you have in mind, book into the Hotel Mirador, a slightly aging Old Acapulco landmark nearly an hour north of the airport by taxi or shared van but close to everything that gets an Adventurer's heart beating fast.
Begin and end your day at one of the most thrilling spots anywhere - La Quebrada where the professional cliff divers originated extreme sport in the 1930s. Grab the buffet breakfast heading about 30 minutes out of town to spend the day exploring Pie de la Cuesta beach and the fresh-water Coyuca Lagoon. After Gabriel García Márquez made the drive, he was inspired to write A Hundred Years of Solitude.
Take your pick of beach volleyball or a gallop on horseback as the surf crashes ashore at Pie de la Cuesta or choose from bird-watching, boat tours, water-sking, kayaking. You can always come back a second day if you run out of time.
Relax over a late lunch in Pie de la Cuesta at Tres Marias, actually two restaurants across the road from each other - one beachside, one lagoon side. Both have good food and exceptional views. You can rent a wave-runner or a boat on the lagoon side or use the pool beachside.
You could catch the fabulous sunset at Pie de la Cuesta, but back at your hotel the drama of the Quebrada cliff divers awaits. Dining in El Mirador's La Perla gives you a front-row seat.
After the show, relax in the breezy lobby bar, planning tomorrow's adventure - which could be visiting the 17th century fort, taking in the bull fights if it's a Sunday in season or doing some fancy diving of your own at Bungy Paradise Acapulco at La Condesa Beach.