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Follow the BeltLine

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Getting a room at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast in Inman Park sets you up right on the BeltLine, a good launch-pad for exploring the city's music and street art scene.

After breakfasting on some to-order bacon and eggs, hop on a rental bike and head to Little Five Points, scouting out two famous venues, Star Bar and Variety Playhouse, to see what shows are playing that weekend. Go ahead and peruse the selections of records and other music merchandise at Criminal Records and Wax n Facts.

Following the Living Walls public-art map on the smartphone, bike around the city, using the BeltLine as the main conduit. See murals and other urban interventions by local and international street-art masters such as JR, Hense and Evereman.
Grab a very cheap lunch at Eats on Ponce, not far from the Poncey-Highland BeltLine entrance. Pick up copies there of Creative Loafing and Stomp and Stammer to learn even more about the music events happening around the city.
Spend the next few hours lying in the sun in Piedmont Park, maybe watching dogs horseplay in the fenced-in pet area, before checking out the graffiti in Krog Street Tunnel, which puts you back near the B&B. Drop off the bikes and walk to the Sound Table on Edgewood for dinner.
Because a new, Atlanta-based punk outfit is playing at 529, take an Uber on the 1-20 to East Atlanta.
Exhausted from headbanging and fistpumping, spend the last hours of the evening at Mary's, which if it is Tuesday is hosting one of the best Karaokes in the city. After belting out a couple Fall Out Boy songs, maybe a finale Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, take another Uber back to Urban Oasis.