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Fun for All Ages

Recommended for : Family
Wake up bright and early at your hotel, the cozy Frederiksberg Mansion Bed & Breakfast, an upscale B&B with a country house feel and lush gardens and grounds. The hotel rents bicycles right from the front desk, so anyone who wants some fresh air early in the morning can be up and out at daybreak. Breakfast in the snug, wood-paneled dining room, and be sure to ask your hosts for any travel tips.
Start the day's adventures at the Copenhagen Zoo, just a ten-minute walk from the B&B. There are more than 2,500 animals here, and the elephant house is one of the best in the world. Take the little ones to the children's zoo, where they can pet farm animals, play educational games, and see a horse show.
After the zoo it's just a short walk to lunch at Granola, a low-key, family-friendly restaurant with a healthy menu and a bright, sunny dining room. Check out the colorful enamel signs on the walls, many dating to the 1950s, and soak in the community atmosphere - this is a favorite place for locals to grab a cup of coffee and hang out on the back patio.
The afternoon is time for Tycho Planetarium, one of the most kid-friendly museums in Copenhagen, and within ten minutes walking distance from Granola. The impressive IMAX theater here - one of the largest in the world - shows multiple films daily, with themes on science, nature, and astronomy. The entire building, which sits on the water, is a fun space where kids can roam around and discover educational interactive exhibits.
Now it's time to take the kids outside and burn off some energy at the Islands Brygge harbor baths. This is one of the most unique features of Copenhagen, a public swimming complex with five pools, a series of green spaces for barbecuing or picnicking, and several sports fields. Here you can also swim directly in the waters of the harbor, which are tested every day to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness.
For dinner stop in at Meyer's Deli back in Frederiksberg. Run by local entrepreneur Claus Meyer, also of Noma, the deli stocks the best of local charcuterie and cheeses, and offers a wide range of healthy prepared meals that can be eaten in or taken out. The entire menu is organic, and adults can enjoy a cold beer with their dinner.
After dinner drop the kids off back at the B&B, where the management offers babysitting services, and walk over to Cafe Intime for a drink and a chat with locals. This is one of the oldest gay bars in Denmark, and though the party may have moved on elsewhere in the city, it's still a great place to draw up a stool, drink a glass or two of snaps, and listen to some stories from the silver-haired regulars.