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Be Centrally Located

Check in at the secluded Las Brisas on the hillside high above the bay where you'll be well positioned to partake of the city, old and new. In one direction, the coastal road (La Costera) leads to the LGTBQ beach and bars in the Condesa neighborhood and sights in Old Acapulco. In the other is the Diamante tourist area with the exclusive La Isla Shopping Village.
Get an early start while the day is still fresh and head into Old Acapulco to visit the Mercado de ArtesanĂ­as Parasal, Diego Rivera's mosaic mural on the wall of the Dolores Olmedo House and the 17th century San Diego Fort.
Swing back by the hotel for a dip in your private pool and lunch.
Spend the rest of the afternoon browsing international boutiques at La Isla Shopping Village, the open-air luxury mall near the airport. If you don't get carried away, you might make it back in time to catch the sunset at the Chapel of Peace above Las Brisas.
After dining in the elegant Bella Vista restaurant at the resort, you can stay in the neighborhood and party at the Palladium, one of the city's most famous night clubs, or sample gay nightlife around Condesa Beach.