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City of Artists


Start your own museum tour by booking into the Windsor Hotel & Spa, which bills itself as "chambers d'artists" because of the original art work in each room. It also has a permanent collection of contemporary art and special installations.


After breakfast in a cafe near the hotel, head for Cimiez, an upscale neighborhood which has enough museums to keep you busy all day. Nice is so compact, walkers may decide to proceed on foot. Otherwise, ask the hotel desk clerk for the closest bus stop. Buses 15 and 22 travel to Cimiez.


About a mile to the northeast is the National Marc Chagall Museum, which has just undergone a major renovation. Bus stop: Marc Chagall. The world's largest public collection of Chagall works, it has a pleasant garden wit a pool reflecting a Chagall mosaic. Admission is free the first Sunday of the month.


Approaching the Matisse Museum near the top of Avenue de Cimiez, pause for sustenance at L'Altro Cose Cos. Then explore the museum that has one of the largest collections of Henri Matrisse's works and a large tree-filled garden.


Depending on time and your interest, spend the rest of the afternoon at Archeological Museum next to the Matisse, explore the ruins of the Roman amphitheater and baths and the Franciscan Museum and Monastery (free admission).


Unless it's a Thursday and you're sticking around for jazz at L'Altro Cose Cosi, take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais to survey historic architecture like the Hôtel Negresco and Palais de la Méditerranée. You could easily spend another day exploring the Massena Palace Museum, the Asian Arts Museum and other museums near the sea and slip in a few beach hours and a tasty lunch at one of the private beaches like High Beach, a LGBTQ favorite.