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Life Beyond the Bubble

Recommended for : Family
Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort is your destination in Leblon, the upscale neighbourhood in Zonal Sul - a paradise for the kids, with a vast pool complex, the nearly private beach and a children's club for the under 12s.
After breakfast, if you can convince the whole family that there is more to see in Rio than the Sheratoons club, head to Praia Vermelha to the Sugar Loaf cable car station. Parking in the area is easy before the crowds start to arrive, so plan to be there for 9 am at the latest.
The first stop on the iconic glass cable car is Morro da Urca, a 220-meters high rock with souvenir shops, a playground and a snack bar. The second leg on the cable car takes you up to the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Acúcar) itself, at nearly 400 meters from the sea below. From there the panoramic views are incredible. The area around the cable car stop is surrounded by a park with plenty of wildlife. Little monkeys and tropical birds have learned that tourists bring food, so don't forget to pack a little extra for them.
Before rushing back to the hotel, stop by Julius Brasserie in Urca, a five-minute drive from Praia Vermelha. Off the main touristy track, Julius Brasserie is an interesting eatery which caters mostly to the locals, directly off the Urca Beach, so please pack those inflatables and sun creams for a chance to splash outside the Sheraton bubble.
Leblon Beach is another family-friendly alternative, just 20 minutes walk from the mother ship, so perfect for another expedition into the real Rio de Janeiro.
For a healthy snack, Bibi's juice bar on Ataulfo de Paiva Avenue, just off the beach is a perfect choice for a tasty after beach bite.