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All the Way to After-Hours

Recommended for : Party
Take the MARTA from the airport to Midtown station. Drop off your bags at W Atlanta,freshen up and ask the front desk for a copy of Georgia Voice, the free Gay Weekly for a listing of events happening that week.

Grab brunch at Joe's on Juniper, keeping an eye out for any cuties on the patio. Because this trip has been timed for Pride weekend, spend time walking around Piedmont Park, and take part in the festivities.


Escape the crowds and explore the surrounding Midtown area. Eat lunch at the Piedmont Avenue location of Flying Biscuit (the second one to open in the city, before it was franchised).

If it's Sunday already, catch the divinely ratchet drag show Tossed Salad at Burkhart's. If not then head to Blake's. For more alternative souls, Mary's in East Atlanta will the best option. Women will head to My Sister's Room and go from there.
Some may want to check out the Cheshire Bridge area for a dalliance in Atlanta's seedier extremes, such as Jungle or B.J. Rooster's. Most likely there will be an after party at a house somewhere in the city.
After a tireless night with much too little attention paid to nutrition, visit one of the countless Waffle House locations in the city for a steaming plate of hashbrowns regardless of the hour.

Uber back to the W. If it's not too late, have a nightcap at the fancy hotel bar with the catch of the night.